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Simple French Onion Soup Recipe

Try a simple but rich version of French onion soup in the comfort of your own home

Mushroom Soup Recipe

Try this creamy and decadent mushroom soup to get rid of those winter blues!

Quick & Easy Tomato Soup

Try this quick & easy tomato soup, for a delicious winter dinner. Serve with crusty buttered bread.

Pantry Vegetable Soup

This easy soup uses pantry staples broth and canned tomatoes, plus vegetables from your fridge for a convenient winter dinner dish.

The Best Chicken Soup Recipe

The weather is getting colder and we turn to warm, nourishing meals in the evening. Why not prepare a chicken soup, nourishing for the body and soul?

How To Cook Rice in a Pot

Cook the perfect stovetop rice in 20 minutes!

Jeff Shute’s caramelised shallot and mushroom butter steaks with rosemary and garlic roast potatoes – WOOP

Recreate Guest Chef Jeff Shute's caramelised shallot and mushroom butter steaks from scratch!

Fraser Shenton’s gurnard curry with Mumbai potatoes and Tiffin pickled courgette – WOOP

We share Guest Chef Fraser Shenton's gurnard curry recipe.

Mark Southon’s Prawn & Pancetta Mac n’ Cheese – WOOP

We share Guest Chef Mark Southon's delicious Prawn & Pancetta Mac n’ Cheese recipe.

Kaffir lime infused Thai red chicken curry with snow peas and jasmine rice

This dish recently featured on the WOOP Foodie menu. At WOOP we handle the prep - roasting, blending, marinating, saucing and everything in between so you can easily and quickly cook dinner. The recipe below is the full recipe for you to create this dish from scratch which takes a fair bit longer than if you had enjoyed it with WOOP, where the time-consuming elements had already been prepared.

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