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Nestled in the picturesque expanse of Moawhango, New Zealand, Kiwi Quinoa stands as a beacon of artisanal excellence. Established in 2016 by Jacqui and Dan Cottrell, this brand has emerged as a prominent producer of red and white quinoa, quinoa flour, and extruded quinoa.

Having a background in sheep and beef farming, Jacqui and Dan drew inspiration from the quinoa-rich landscapes of South America. From their initial harvest of 1.5 tonnes, their quinoa production has skyrocketed to an impressive 250 tonnes!

Driven by a passion for organic food and a commitment to healthy eating, Jacqui and Dan infuse these values into their produce. Collaborating with farmers and industry champions across the country, Kiwi Quinoa not only provides the highest quality quinoa in New Zealand but also stands out on the global stage.

A unique feature of Kiwi Quinoa lies in its saponin-free variety. Traditionally, quinoa carries saponin in the husks, contributing to a bitter aftertaste. However, Kiwi Quinoa's saponin-free variety boasts a delightful nutty flavor and an exceptional texture. This low-saponin quinoa, often referred to as 'sweet,' adds versatility to a myriad of cuisines, enriching dishes without the bitterness commonly associated with traditional quinoa.




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