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We love working with Balle Bros who provide us with our delicious carrots, red onions, and spring onions. They have been growing vegetables for four generations in and around the Franklin region since they planted their first-ever roots in 1919. The children of Bernie and Norah Balle grew up in the paddocks, growing and harvesting fresh vegetables for the local markets. Balle Bros is widely recognised for its hard-working efforts from family and relatives – four generations and growing.

“We pride ourselves on growing, packing and marketing quality New Zealand fresh produce”

Sustainable practices are at the core of everything Balle Bros stands for. All vegetables that can’t be sold are sent to the family farm for cattle to enjoy and convert into fresh milk and meat - ensuring no excess ends up in landfills. The Balle family has been planting trees for the last 20 years and is now mainly planting native trees. Areas that were previously infested gullies are now beautiful sanctuaries for flora and fauna to thrive.



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