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Living Foods produces our delicious freshcut salad greens, from cos lettuce to spinach, rocket and mesclun. The family-run business began in 1993 when they began growing a variety of sprouts from a small factory based in Otahuhu. Their farms are now located in and around the Mangere airport peninsular and extend down to Waikato. Their talent for all things fresh and green has become a growing success, producing some of the best salads available to eat in the country.

“Our baby leaf salads proved so popular the business took off and what a journey it has been over the past 25 years keeping up with the huge demand”

Living Foods salad greens are grown outside among nature as the sun and rain contribute to strong and healthy plants. The salad greens arrive from their farms in the morning, then are inspected for quality and batch washed. Their washlines triple-clean the greens carefully and effectively using a residue-free sanitizing system. They use their own excellent systems to guarantee complete traceability and quality in their greens.



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