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Summer calls for BBQ's, a time when the aroma of grilled meat fills the air, and gatherings with friends and family become cherished memories. However, no BBQ feast is complete without the perfect sides, so let’s talk about salads.


Among the many summer BBQ ideas, incorporating vibrant, fresh salads not only adds colour to your spread but also brings a refreshing contrast to the smoky flavours of the grill. Today, we dive into the world of summer BBQ salads, highlighting the unique twist that the Woop BBQ Box brings with its perfectly paired three beautiful sides, showcasing the Woop difference in creating memorable dining experiences, without the fuss. 


What sides go well with BBQ?

Salads are the unsung heroes of the BBQ table. They offer a light, healthy option amidst the rich, savoury mains, making your meal balanced and complete. From the crisp, green leaves to the juicy, ripe tomatoes, salads bring a burst of freshness that can cut through the richness of meats, making every bite of your summer BBQ even more enjoyable. The best summer salads for BBQ not only complement the main dishes but also stand out on their own with their flavours and textures. They also make the table look stunning!


When it comes to summer BBQ sides, the options are endless. From the classic potato salad to the more sophisticated grain-based salads, there's a side dish for every palate and preference. However, one salad that truly stands out and has become a favourite among the team at Woop is the Courgette and Bean Caesar Salad that has now become one of the three delicious sides in the Woop BBQ Box.



The Courgette and Bean Caesar Salad reimagines the traditional Caesar by incorporating crisp green beans and thinly sliced courgettes, adding a layer of texture and freshness that makes this salad a hit at any summer gathering.


The beauty of the Courgette and Green Bean Caesar Salad lies in its versatility. It pairs beautifully with a range of BBQ meats, from the smoky flavours of the grilled butterfly chicken to the rich, tender textures of lamb. The salad's freshness complements the meats, providing a balanced and satisfying meal. This harmony of flavours and textures is what makes summer BBQ salads an essential component of your BBQ spread.


best summer salad for bbqbest summer salad for bbq


The Woop BBQ Box makes hosting a summer BBQ easy, so you can serve a stunning alfresco feast in half the time. Each box is curated to provide a beautiful, gourmet BBQ experience, from the marinated meats to the sides and salads. The convenience of having everything pre-prepared, marinated and delivered to your door allows you to focus on what truly matters: enjoying the company of your loved ones and savouring every bite of your meal.


A tip from Denis, our recipe developer behind the BBQ Box...

"One of the main tips when it comes to salads is really to dress them at the last minute, just before serving. Most dressing contains acid under one form or another (lemon juice, vinegar etc..) and this can make the salad "soggy " or make it lose its crunch."


Tips for Hosting the Perfect Summer BBQ

Plan Ahead

Use the Woop BBQ Box for a hassle-free experience, ensuring you have everything you need for a gourmet BBQ. Most salad ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and kept in the fridge until serving time. Cut your tomatoes, blanch your vegetables etc... and keep them in the fridge until it's time to serve. Less rushing at the last minute.

Balance Your Menu

Include a variety of dishes, with salads like the Courgette and Bean Caesar to offer a refreshing counterpoint to the meats.

Keep It Fresh

Opt for seasonal ingredients to maximize flavour and quality.

Stay Hydrated

Offer a selection of refreshing beverages to keep your guests happy and hydrated throughout the event. We recommend a dry rose to pair with the chicken or a full-bodied red to complement the rich lamb flavours. 



This summer, host a memorable alfresco feast without spending the week preparing the menu, and hours in the kitchen. Plus, you can tell your friends and family we had nothing to do with it… we won’t tell ;) 


The Woop BBQ Box is delivered on Fridays, in time for your weekend grilling and only available for a limited time. You can see the full menu of the Woop Weekender BBQ Box here.

best bbq box in nzbest bbq box in nz
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