It’s now easier than ever to schedule a WOOP delivery

Thanks to your feedback we’ve created a new and much simpler way to schedule and skip your WOOP Box deliveries, allowing more flexibility and the ability to plan your deliveries for up to 4 months in advance.

Plus you can now choose to have a fortnightly delivery!

Simply log into your account to get started.


Scheduling and skipping deliveries is easy!
Click on a calendar date to schedule your delivery, turning it green, or
click again to turn it red and skip the delivery. The selection will
autosave. Your upcoming selection will be confirmed as of Monday
Scheduling fortnightly deliveries
Select fortnightly deliveries from the drop down arrow at the top of the
page, then click on the pop-up calendar to select your preferred first
delivery date, this will autosave and your deliveries will be scheduled
fortnightly from this date.

Simply log into your account to get started.