5 steps to get your child eating vegetables

Talk to your kids about eating vegetables

The first step is to talk to your child about eating veges. Talk about all the vibrant colours, tastes and how good they’ll feel after eating them. Tell them about your favourite vegetables and all the way you can cook them to make them delicious to eat.


Set the example – eat veges yourself

If you want your kids to eat vegetables, you’ll need to set the example. Parents that eat a wide variety of vegetables at all meals will have kids that do the same – so set the example!

Start small

Start with simple, easy to eat vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. Then, slowly increase the variety of veges you present, as well as their portions. Have a look at recipes that sneak vegetables in, such as avocado mousse, beetroot brownies or adding wilted spinach to mashed potatoes.


Be consistent

If you are including vegetables on your child’s plate, remember to do so at each meal. Being consistent is key so they can get used to all the new tastes and flavours and so you don’t lose any of your hard earned progress.

Be willing to accept they won’t like every one and celebrate small victories when they do

Even as an adult we avoid certain vegetables. Celebrate when your child begins to like a new vegetables, but accept that they won’t like everything, and may never do!