Facts about our NZ Kumara

We hope you enjoy eating our NZ grown kumara, and below we let you know a little more about types of kumara, and the benefits of eating them!

Types of kumara:

The red kumara has a creamy coloured flesh, a mellow flavour and a firm texture. Leave the skin on and retain a lovely red that will enhance your plate presentation.

The gold kumara is both sweeter to the taste and softer in texture than the red. Its flesh and its skin are gold so, peeled or unpeeled, it will add colour to whatever dish you are serving. If you want a vegetable that will offer both a degree of softness and sweetness to the palate, then the gold kumara makes an excellent choice.

The orange kumara is an exciting variety with both orange skin and orange flesh. Firm like the red it is the sweetest of all the varieties now available. As a way to add colour and variety, be sure to try orange kumara.

Nutritional Value:

Kumara is a wonderfully tasty versatile food that’s densely packed with nutritional value. It is full of valuable vitamins and minerals. It also has a very low GI rating which means that it provides you with a slow-release energy source giving you excellent stamina.

Another reason Kumara is now thought of as nature’s battery pack is how it naturally lasts an extraordinarily long time and remains deliciously good to eat. To keep your kumara in premium condition before cooking, store them in your pantry NOT in the fridge. The best temperature is about 14 degrees Celsius.

Heart friendly: Cholesterol free, virtually fat-free and VERY low in sodium (salt)

Keeps you vital: A good source of vitamins A, B6, C, E and other essential nutrients such as calcium for bone health, iron for healthy blood and potassium which regulates both overall body fluid levels and blood pressure. Eat kumara to give your system excellent nutritional support.

High in dietary fibre: With more dietary fibre than Oatmeal, kumara is an excellent means to ensure your digestive tract remains naturally cleansed and healthy.

Actively fights health risks: The best defence is offence and kumara is loaded with anti-oxidants that take the fight to the free-radicals; known triggers of cell deformity including cancers.

Delivers sustained energy: Kumara, with 100 calories per 100g latent energy delivered as Starchy Carbohydrates, convert sugar, which could go into storage (fat), into energy. Its Low GI Rating means its slow-release energy – the best type and ideal for sustained activity.