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Meet Brigitte from Superb herb

What is your favourite thing about growing herbs?
There is nothing more rewarding than growing fresh herbs as every variety has its own texture, colour and fragrance. And then comes the unique flavours! Our varieties have the power to transform any cook into an accomplished chef! We believe that no meal is complete without the addition of fresh herbs, not only do they bring flavour but as a bonus they also bring essential nutrients, beauty and pure joy to the cook and their lucky guests.

What is your favourite way to use herbs when cooking?

It depends on the variety, the dish you are making and your own personal taste. At times you’ll need to let your herbs simmer for hours and other times, you’ll just need to simply sprinkle some of the leaves before serving. Every time though, it is the fresh herbs that will bring the meal to life, so we recommend to explore as many varieties as you can. A bit like pairing a good wine to a meal, you always need to pair fresh herbs with every meal.

What makes your herbs so fantastic?

Our herbs are truly ready-to-eat, i.e. not sprayed with any nasty chemicals and not washed in chlorine. Natural flavours you are able to enjoy without moderation!

How did Superb Herb start?
The Pike family are keen foodies themselves and decided New Zealand was ready for more flavours and started by introducing their Mediterranean range with the classical Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano and Sage but then quickly brought lots of Asian flavours like Coriander, Chives, Thai Basil, Vietnamese Mint, Lemongrass and Lime leaves. Innovators at heart, they keep exploring new flavours so we can in turn explore them in our cooking!

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