Introducing Jess Granada: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Jess Granada


JessJess opened Nanam Eatery with her partner Andrew in March 2015. They started their venture at a 4 meter by 4 meter space at the night markets of Auckland selling “Taco Pao” (taco siopao) with pork cooked in humba sauce and chilli chicken filling. This stall was their humble beginning towards exploring Filipino cuisine, and since then they have been serving both quality interpretations of classic Filipino dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of its cuisine.

One of Jess’ delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 20th of August as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Jess to chat all things food.



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Introducing Nici Wickes: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Nici Wickes


NiciBorn in New Zealand and growing up in a large family, Nici was cooking as soon as she could reach the bench top. At eight years old her favourite make-believe game was to play host of a cooking show where she would showcase various recipes – Russian fudge, pancakes, chocolate cakes – from the family kitchen. In 2009 make-believe became reality when she became the presenter for World Kitchen, a new, fast-paced, cheeky travel and cooking show.


Two of Nici’s delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 25th of June & 3rd of September as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Nici to chat all things food.



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Introducing Niki Bezzant: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Niki Bezzant


NikiNiki is a food and nutrition writer, columnist and commentator in New Zealand. She is the founding editor and now Editor-at-large for Healthy Food Guide magazine. The author of two cookbooks, Niki is a weekly columnist for the Herald on Sunday, a regular blogger, speaker and frequent contributor to TV and radio. She is a member of the Council of Directors of the True Health Initiative, an ambassador for Garden to Table, and President of Foodwriters NZ.


One of Niki’s delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 9th of July as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Niki to chat all things food.



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Introducing Tamara Johnson: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Tamara Johnson


TamaraFrom a young age, Tamara has had an astounding career in the New Zealand food scene, most recently as Head Chef at the Malaysian inspired Auckland restaurant Madam Woo. She’s also been a part of kitchen teams at many iconic New Zealand restaurants including Takapuna Beach Café where she learned to make gelato and Clooney where she worked under the tutelage of Chef Des Harris. Tamara has recently relocated to London, where she’s working in a variety of kitchens to submerge herself in the culinary scene before coming back to open an establishment in New Zealand.


One of Tamara’s delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 23rd of July as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Tamara to chat all things food.



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Introducing Anne Thorp: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Anne Thorp


Anne ThorpAnne the “Maori Queen of Cuisine” Thorp promotes simple, fresh, healthy and delicious food using the best produce New Zealand has to offer from land and sea. She is all about good living, simplicity, having fun with food and enjoying life through a healthy diet. For Anne it is as much about the food as it is about the people she shares it with. Her life-long love for food has seen her create television series Kai Ora, publish a cookbook and even be a guest chef on cruise ships for P&O.


One of Anne’s delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 6th of August as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Anne to chat all things food.


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WOOP & Netflix’s recommendations for June

We’re back at it with WOOP & Netflix’s recommendations for June! Snuggle on the couch with your delicious WOOP dinner and settle in for a night of quality viewing.

The OA

What does it stand for? You’ll have to find out. When a missing blind girl returns after disappearing for 7 years, she can finally see. Where was she and what are the mysterious marks on her body?


Chef’s Table

One for the foodies, each episode follows the personal journey of a different chef, the focus being on the chef’s background and personal influence. Shot beautifully, the series offers a unique look at the personalities behind their food.


Sense 8

One for sci-fi lovers, eight strangers across the world are somehow psychically and emotionally linked. The first season follows the confusion as the eight struggle to come to terms with what is happening, and begin to use their newfound abilities to help one another.



WOOP partners with The Auckland City Mission


The Auckland City Mission was set up in the 1920’s to help those in need. Since their inception they have grown to offer a variety of services including food distribution, rehab facilities and elderly care, to name only a few of their wonderful initiatives.

WOOP support’s the City Missions’ food distribution service by providing them with a weekly food donation. The City Mission kitchen then turns these ingredients into healthy meals for the less fortunate and sends them to individuals and families in need.

Want to do your part for the community? Why not lend them a hand. Click here to read more about your chance to volunteer.




WOOP’s Top 3 Netflix recommendations for May

Let’s try to embrace the darker nights, colder weather and freezing mornings. Get home, prepare a delicious healthy dinner and settle on the couch and turn on Netflix.

Below are our top 3 picks from Netflix’s recent releases for May.

1. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on a series of childrens’ books by Lemony Snicket, Neil Patrick Harris stars at Count Olaf, a distant relative who cares for the Baudelaire children after their parents are killed in a suspicious fire. The Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sunny set out to uncover the mystery behind their parents deaths. The series is both dark and comical making it a great watch for both parents and children alike.

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2. Stranger Things
The series focuses on the disappearance of a young boy in a small American town in the 1980’s, and the investigation that follows. The appearance of a psychokinetic girl takes the search in a supernatural direction… Full of mystery and intrigue the show stars Winona Ryder.
3. Designated Survivor
When an attack on the American government kills the president and key cabinet members, the designated survivor (a person held in a safe location in case of such events) finds himself the new president of the United Sates. What follows is a fight to stay afloat as the new leader of the free world. One for adults, the show explores the aftermath of such an attack on the United States.

#DesignatedSurvivor is back in ONE WEEK!

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6 Reasons to try a Food Delivery kit

Ever been tempted to try a food delivery kit, but unsure whether it’s for you? WOOP is a food delivery business operating in Auckland, Hamilton & Tauranga making cooking easy.

Below we explore the 6 reasons to try a Food Delivery kit:

Less Cooking Time

Here at WOOP we pre prepare some elements, making sauces and cooking time-consuming elements, such as rice. This means dinner can be on the table in half the time it usually takes!


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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we’re thinking about what to gift our mothers to say thank you for all the little things she does, and just for being her! Make sure you spoil your mum this Mother’s Day and gain some gift inspiration from the ideas below.


Framed picture

A framed picture of a special moment is a great way to say thank you to your mum. Another idea is to frame a Mother’s Day quote to brighten up her day, and decor!

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Mother’s Day cake

Why not give back and bake your mum a cake – think about all the countless cakes she’s made for your birthday! Have a look at a selection from


Update her tech

Really want to splurge on mum this Mother’s Day? Why not check out Apple’s latest iWatch, now waterproof!


Mother’s Day meal

Shout your mum to a meal in a lovely cafe or restaurant. We recommend Winona Forever in Parnell, for their beautiful plating.

We open 1st Feb, testing, testing, one two three. French toast Eton mess with gin raspberry compote.

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Looking for something else?
Why not order your mum a WOOP Gift Card to be redeemed against one of our boxes. Simpy call our customer care team on 0800 966 769 or email to arrange a special Mother’s Day delivery!