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Meet East Rock's Skipper - Matt

What’s the best thing about working for East Rock?

The best thing is I get to see my fish go all the way through to the end consumer, from my boat into people’s households. I like seeing my fish being enjoyed!

How did you start out as a Fisherman?

At age 14 I started working on a fishing charter boat out of Kaikoura for free in the weekends and things progressed from there and I discovered my true passion.

What is one of your favourite fishing memories?

Favourite memory is a hard one as every time at sea is so different. I tend to get itchy feet when I haven’t been to sea for a while but also love coming home after a successful trip.

What is your favourite way to eat Gisborne Tarakihi?

It has to be cooked in a homemade beer batter. Make it nice and thin with a lager beer and a dash of turmeric for colour. Make sure to let the batter stand for a few hours in the fridge before using it.

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