Stay dry this July with Ecology & Co
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Go alcohol free for the month of July and raise funds for kiwis impacted by cancer.

For Dry July, Woop is teaming up with Ecology & Co, a New Zealand company that creates amazing, distilled, alcohol-free spirits - crafted in Wairau Valley.

With their delicious creations, you are able to enjoy all your favourite gin botanicals & sophisticated spice blends without guilt or regret in the morning!

Ecology & Co has provided us with four delicious non-alcoholic cocktail recipes for you to recreate and enjoy all month long! Who says Dry July can’t be fun! Scroll to see a variety of exciting cocktail recipes to whip up with family or friends.

Passion Fruit Sour (2 Servings - Martini glass)

Ingredients: 150ml Ecology & Co London Dry, 75ml Passion Fruit Syrup, One Egg White (or 75ml Aquafaba for a vegan option), Juice of 2 Lemons, a dash of Bitters and Passion Fruit to garnish

Fill a cocktail shaker with London Dry, lemon juice, passionfruit syrup and egg white (or aquafaba) and shake until frothy.

Add a good handful of ice and shake vigorously for another minute to get a good chill and froth.

Strain into two martini glasses. Top with a few dashes of bitters, and garnish with half a passion fruit to complete.

Ecology Gimlet (1 Serving – Coupe glass)

Ingredients: 100ml Ecology & Co London Dry, 20ml Lime Syrup, Handful of Ice and Rosemary to garnish

Place your London Dry & lime syrup into a shaker over ice.

Shake vigorously for one minute.

Strain into two coupe glasses before placing a sprig of fresh rosemary in each.

Winter Cocktail (2 Servings – Tumbler glass)

Ingredients: 50ml Ecology & Co London Dry, 100ml Tonic Water, 100ml Fresh Pressed Orange Juice and a twig of Spicebush, Thyme or Rosemary to garnish

Fill a tumbler glass with ice.

Add the London Dry, tonic water and orange juice.

Garnish with smoked spicebush, thyme or rosemary.

Asian Spice & Ginger (1 Serving – Tumbler glass)

Ingredients: 50ml Ecology & Co Asian Spice, 150ml Ginger Ale, a handful of Ice and a Wedge of Orange to garnish

Add a handful of ice to your glass and pour in 50ml Ecology & Co Asian Spice.

Top with 150ml Ginger Ale (we love Fever Tree!)

Stir, and add a wedge of fresh lemon or lime to complete.

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