6 Reasons Why WOOP is the Best Food Box For You

We like to do things a little bit differently from the rest. So we thought it’d be best to write down a little list to show you why WOOP is the best food box for you.

Whether you’re a busy parent or you don’t have much time after work, yet still appreciate tasty, healthy meals – we think WOOP will suit your lifestlye very well.

1. Pre-Prepped Ingredients – Quickest Cook Time

Your WOOP meals will only take 15-25 minutes from the fridge to the table.

How do we do it? Simple.

We do most of the hard work, so you can bathe in the glory pulling it all together. We shop for the ingredients, chop the veggies and hand-make the sauces & dressings.

This saves you time, so you can cook a home-made meal in half the time, without the stress of thinking about what to cook and spending ages doing all the prep.

2. Curated Meal Boxes – Four Delicious Options

Balance – Healthy balanced recipes your body will love.

Foodie – Delicious recipes inspired by cuisine from around the world.

Classic – Family-friendly and quick to cook recipes.

Gluten Free – Delicious recipes with premium Gluten Free ingredients.

3. Absolutely No-Food Waste

Another beauty of having your ingredients prepped is that you you’ll receive exactly what you need – pre-prepared, portioned and packaged to ensure zero food waste.

We also offset our delivery carbon footprint by planting trees, and our packing is 99% recyclable or compostable! Read about it here. 

Balance: Chicken cacciatore with green beans and rocket

4. Hand-Made Sauces – A Real Game Changer!

When we say sauces, we’re talking hand crafted with love.

It’s a beautiful symphony of herbs and spices that are hand-mixed by our famous Chef Zoe! It’s an array of gorgeous flavours when added to your dinners, creating a mouth-watering harmony of tastes.

Also there are no nasty preservatives or additives, meaning they’re better for you!

Classic: Teriyaki beef with charred capsicum, bok choy and broccoli on rice

5. Colour-Coded Recipes and Ingredients

All you need to do is pull out the ingredients that match the colour of that night’s recipe card and go from there!

This makes it so much easier to get all your ingredients ready and ensure you’re not mistakenly adding sauces from other meals.

6. The Best Locally Sourced Ingredients

We source locally, gathering the freshest ingredients from local suppliers from North to South. 

You can really tell the difference when you open your box that we’ve done our homework.

Unlike other food kits, our sauces are handmade in the WOOP kitchen, instead of overseas!

Foodie Box: Panfried salmon with chraimeh sauce, lemon dressed kale, pea and Israeli couscous

Interested in trying WOOP?

Use WOOP20 at checkout for $20 off your first order!*

We cater to all tastes, family sizes and lifestyles – here’s how you get started:

  1. Decide which WOOP box best suits you best.
  2. Choose how many nights you would like to cook WOOP (3 or 4 nights).
  3. Select the number of people eating (1, 2, 4 or 5).
  4. Voila, plug in your details and you’re good to go.