Introducing WOOP Balance

Food you’ll love that will love you back!

Based on the traditional Mediterranean style of eating, each Balance recipe puts veggies first, with seasonal veggies making up half of the plate. Each recipe also contains lean, high quality protein; healthy fats from plants, nuts and seeds; and carbs mostly from vegetables, whole grains and dairy. With no additives or preservatives and minimal added sugar, this is food you’ll love, that will love you back.

WOOP Balance

  • Veggies first
  • Quality lean protein
  • Healthy carbs
  • Flavourful recipes
  • No additives & minimal added sugar

Recipes designed by nutrition expert Niki Bezzant

  • Options to feed One, Two or Four adults
  • Choose from 3 or 4 recipes per week
  • 3 nights menu: Seafood and Pork free recipes
  • 4 nights menu: Seafood recipes each fortnight
  • Approximately 400 to 550 calories per serve
  • Prepped ingredients ready to cook
  • Recipes ready in around 20 minutes

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is it meat-free?

These meals are based on plants, but also include animal protein. Putting veggies first is known to be a healthy way to eat; it’s broadly based on a traditional Mediterranean style of diet. There will be some meat-free meals in the weeks though.

Is it a diet?

No, although people may lose weight if they eat it regularly, depending on what their regular diet is like. These recipes are designed to help people easily eat well every day and hopefully get into healthier habits in the rest of their diet, too.

Is it low-carb?

It is lower carb than many people are used to. We only use healthy, less refined carbs. This is balanced out with lots of non-starchy vegetables, healthy fats and slightly higher protein. We’d call it a moderate carb plan.

Is it sugar-free?

The recipes contain very low amounts of free sugars, defined by the World Health Organisation as all sugars added to foods, plus syrups, honey and fruit juice. We are OK with the sugar that naturally occurs in vegetables, fruit and dairy.

Why so many veggies?

We follow the ‘healthy plate’ model, which means half a plate of colourful veggies in every meal. This means you’ll get between four and five serves of veggies in every meal. This is a well-established healthy way to eat; full of fibre and vitamins. Plus, it’s filling and satisfying.

Is it still tasty?

Yes! These meals are not only healthy, they’re also full of flavour, texture, colour and interest. We think this is food you’ll love that will love you back.

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