Why I Switched to WOOP | Customer Reviews

Rich red wine beef ragu with fresh pappardelle, cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach.
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Street Food Series: Puha & Pakeha

We’ve rounded up the 3 best street food chefs in Auckland for our Street Food Series!

After collaborations with Judge Bao and Coreano we’re sending WOOP Foodies Puha & Pakeha horopito piri piri chicken salad. Keep reading to find out more about their inspired Maori kai.

Sound delicious? Order here for delivery on the 26th of March.

Fudgy Avocado Brownies with Chocolate Frosting

We didn’t think it was possible for something to taste so good but still be good for us. Lucky for you, the recipe is below…

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WOOP & Healthy Food Guide Menu

MASTER LOGO - Healthy Food Guide


We are very excited to have teamed up with the Healthy Food Guide to bring you a week of delicious and healthy recipes the whole family will enjoy!


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WOOP Guest Week Menu: William, My Kitchen Rules NZ Finalist

WilliamWe are very excited to announce that the menu coming up for Easter (being delivered on the 27th/28th of March) has been written by My Kitchen Rules NZ Finalist – William!


“You are in for a treat with a couple of my favourite week night dinners along with my ultimate pork belly which I am sure will get your tastebuds going.”


We can’t wait to hear what you think and for you to try William’s ultimate menu, check it out below!


If you haven’t already you can get started with WOOP today and have everything you need to create these three delicious dinners delivered to your door.


William: Salmon Fish Cakes

Hot smoked fishcakes with caper and lemon dressing and floral mesclun salad

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Tropical Week at WOOP!

We are packing our sunnies and heading to the tropics!


Discover a little bit about the three beautiful tropical destinations we are taking inspiration from for the WOOP box being delivered on the 21st of February. Keen to be on the receiving end of all of these amazing dinners – sign up to WOOP today.




Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands, a nation of 15 islands in the central South Pacific. Volcanic peaks, ridges and rainforest dominate its interior. A 32km, round-the-island road links the beaches, coastal lagoon and reefs that make scuba diving and snorkeling popular.

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WOOP Italian Week Menu: 24th Jan

Andiamo, we are off to Italy next week and we want to take you with us. Let your taste buds be dazzled by a delizioso array of cucina Italiana. Featuring a couple of classics as well as a light, bright and fresh pasta – it is not to be missed. Keep reading and your mouth will be sure to start watering…


Sign up and schedule your delivery before midnight tonight to receive a WOOP box on Sunday 24th January and have a week long Italian fling. Your WOOP box contains all the fresh and pre-prepared ingredients you need to create each of these delicious meals – delivered to your door for free.


WOOP Prawn Pasta

Tagliatelle con gamberi, zucchini, pomodoro e prezzemolo al profumo di limone lemony prawn, courgette & fennel pasta with cherry tomatoes and parsley

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