Street Food Series: Puha & Pakeha

We’ve rounded up the 3 best street food chefs in Auckland for our Street Food Series!

After collaborations with Judge Bao and Coreano we’re sending WOOP Foodies Puha & Pakeha horopito piri piri chicken salad. Keep reading to find out more about their inspired Maori kai.

Sound delicious? Order here for delivery on the 26th of March.


Where did you get your name from?

The kaupapa (story of our brand) of Puha & Pākehā is taking Māori and native New Zealand kai and adding modern flavours. So for us ‘Puha’ means things like rēwena bread, horopito pepper, hāngi cooking etc. ‘Pākehā’ means any modern flavour or cooking method. The ampersand is also a prominent part of our brand. It is Puha & Pākehā with the emphasis on the AND. The brand is about inclusiveness, bringing two cultures together, adding one thing to another to create something new.

What is your best-selling dish?

Our Pulled Pork & Slaw has been with us since day one and is still our best selling dish.  We spice rub the pork and cook it in a hāngi which gives it a delicious and unique smokey flavour served in a roll with slaw and a tangy handmade dressing.


Tell us a bit more about your dish with WOOP?

With this dish we really wanted to hero to be the native New Zealand pepper Horopito also known as ‘bush pepper’ as the leaves have a hot peppery, citrusy taste. Horopito is commonly found around New Zealand and was traditionally used by Māori for it’s medicinal properties. Its peppery flavour is a great addition to sauces, rubs and marinades.

Our dish for WOOP combines spicy Horopito piri piri with chicken and is served with salad greens and a creamy, tangy coriander and lime dressing to balance out the spiciness.


What’s the best cooking advice you’ve received?

Jarrad: Taste everything as you go and balance is important. A recipe is a collection of ingredients and they all work together to create the final taste.
Belinda: People eat with their eyes.  So I always like our food to look appealing.  This doesn’t have to be a work of art, it can be as simple as having a balance of colours and textures in the dish.

What is the one ingredient you use most in cooking?

Jarrad: Hangi.  It’s not an ingredient as such but the flavour it brings to a variety of ingredients is uniquely kiwi.
Belinda: Smoked Paprika

puha&pakeha-014Where is your favourite place to eat in Auckland?

Street Food markets!  Mainly because that is where we hang out all the time working ourselves but also because the standard of street food out there is of a high quality.

Where can we find you?

We are at markets and events all over Auckland and the best place to see where we will be next is our website  or Facebook. We also can be found catering at weddings, private events and corporate functions.


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