Street Food Series: Coreano

We’ve rounded up the 3 best street food chefs in Auckland for our Street Food Series!

After the success of our first collaboration with Judge Bao we’re sending WOOP Foodies Coreano sesame soy beef tacos with tomato and coriander salsa. This recipe was created by guest chef Steven Ko of Coreano, who serves Korean flavours in a Mexican style.

Sound delicious? Order here for delivery on the 12th of March.

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How did Coreano get started?

Growing up in New Zealand I always felt Korean food was underrepresented as many people had never had the opportunity to try it. Wanting to spread our passion and flavors of Korea we decided to mash Korean food with something Kiwis are familiar with. We started experimenting with recipes and taste testing it with our friends and family.

Where did you get your name from?

We were in search of a name which represents what we do which is make Korean inspired Mexican food. So after translating numerous Korean words to Spanish we came upon Coreano. Which means “Korean” in Spanish.

What is your best selling dish?

Our famous Loaded Kimchi Fries! French fries topped with grilled kimchi, Mexican pulled pork, cheese and finished with our Korean salsa & Mexican crema.


What inspired you to combine Korean and Mexican flavours?

We got our inspiration from the American food truck, Kogi and our good friends, who have a restaurant called Vatos which serves amazing Korean/Mexican food in Korea.  Most Kiwi households grew up eating DIY tacos kits so it was not hard to decide to combine Korean food with something Kiwis are familiar with.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Auckland?

At the events and markets we go to there is always an array of high quality street food wherever we pop up. It is great just to try different flavours of what other countries cuisines have to offer.


What’s the best cooking advice you’ve received?

When marinating firm tofu, place the tofu between a clean tea towel and put something heavy like a pan on top so that it draws moisture out. The tofu is now like a sponge and will absorb the marinade better.

What is the one ingredient you use most in cooking?

Garlic, it is pretty much in every Korean dish and every dish we cook at home.


What was the inspiration behind your dish with WOOP?

We wanted to create something similar to what we do in the truck! The Korean element in the dish is the bulgogi beef, which is a common household dish in Korea which is packed with flavour and quick to cook. The Mexican element is the fresh tomato salsa and sour cream which is essential for any Mexican dish.

Where can we find you?

We pop up all over Auckland at events and markets. Best to track us where we will be next on our Facebook and Instagram.



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Order here to receive Coreano sesame soy beef tacos with tomato and coriander salsa for delivery on the 12th of March.