Introducing Guest Foodie Simone Anderson

Having struggled with her weight for many years, Simone made a decision to change for good. In 2014, using social media purely to keep her accountable, she posted her first photo. Simone shared everything candidly and as her weight decreased her followers increased. With her massive 92kg weight loss her fan base across Facebook and Instagram exceeded 500,000.

Simone is a big Foodie and enjoys eating out, as well as cooking healthy, well balanced meals at home. She also enjoys WOOP as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We are excited to feature one of her recipes on the WOOP Foodie menu. Simone has created Lebanese lamb flatbreads with pumpkin, feta, baby spinach and harissa drizzle which will be delivered in WOOP Foodie boxes on 10th June.


What is the future of cooking?

I truly believe meal services like WOOP are the way of the future, we all live such busy full on lives and struggle to find time to make good nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. This ensures you are getting balanced, delicious and healthy meals every single night!


Do you have a food philosophy?

Everything in moderation, I try and nourish my body with healthy and nutritious foods 80-90 percent of the time but truly believe there is ALWAYS a place for chocolate in any balanced diet!


What’s the most important thing about cooking?

For me it is easy to read recipes that make sense and follow a logical order. I hate recipes that are all over the show and don’t have logic in the order you prepare certain elements of the dish. And of course having fun! It should be an enjoyable experience not something you dread.



What are some of your favourite ingredients to cook with?

I love vegetables and LOTS of them, they provide colour and excitement as well as much required nutrients and fibre.



What’s going on in your life at the moment – any projects, passions or focuses?

My current and only focus right now is my book “Journey to Health” which hit shelves on May 25th! All my passion, energy and dedication has gone into this project so I can’t wait for others to enjoy!


What’s your pet peeve in the kitchen?

People who don’t clean as they cook! I don’t want to be left with a massive mess at the end.



Why do you think people should try WOOP?

Honestly anyone who likes delicious, healthy and quick food! People who still love cooking but don’t like the hours of prep work to get it to the finished product.


Favourite international cuisine?

Japanese! BY FAR! Cannot get enough.



Tell us about your WOOP dish?

I’ve created Lebanese lamb flatbreads with pumpkin, feta, baby spinach and harissa drizzle. I love Lebanese food and love the versatility of harissa. This is my take on a healthy pizza using flatbread so you can skip the takeaways!

Simone’s dish will be delivered in our Foodie boxes on 10th June, click here to order.