5 steps to get your child eating vegetables

Talk to your kids about eating vegetables

The first step is to talk to your child about eating veges. Talk about all the vibrant colours, tastes and how good they’ll feel after eating them. Tell them about your favourite vegetables and all the way you can cook them to make them delicious to eat.



Set the example – eat veges yourself

If you want your kids to eat vegetables, you’ll need to set the example. Parents that eat a wide variety of vegetables at all meals will have kids that do the same – so set the example!

Start small

Start with simple, easy to eat vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. Then, slowly increase the variety of veges you present, as well as their portions. Have a look at recipes that sneak vegetables in, such as avocado mousse, beetroot brownies or adding wilted spinach to mashed potatoes.



Be consistent

If you are including vegetables on your child’s plate, remember to do so at each meal. Being consistent is key so they can get used to all the new tastes and flavours and so you don’t lose any of your hard earned progress.


Be willing to accept they won’t like every one and celebrate small victories when they do

Even as an adult we avoid certain vegetables. Celebrate when your child begins to like a new vegetables, but accept that they won’t like everything, and may never do!

3 tips to get your children in the kitchen

Cooking should start young. Not only does this teach cooking skills for life, but it encourages creativity and can hopefully broaden the types of food kids will eat – not to mention parents get a break from the cooking! Below we explore 3 simple ways to spread the cooking and share the love of food!


Start with small tasks

Start your child off with a small task, this could be whisking a cookie mixture, grating carrots (if they’re old enough to handle a grater) or even licking the spoon. Small steps will be easily accomplished, leading to success and encouraging the child to continue to help in the future. Then, gradually increase the complexity, variety and number of tasks as they gain confidence, and age!

Set aside a day each week where they are in charge of cooking

Let the child take charge of cooking. Let them pick a recipe each week and assign which family member does what. Make sure to always be at hand and oversee the process, helping them out with complex tasks and new cooking methods. Remember, you set the example and they will be learning all they know from you.


Use a service

For busy parents, using a service such as WOOP can help the children get involved with minimal help from parents. All the recipe instructions are provided, all the ingredients are colour coded and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Always be nearby to provide support and help smaller children with tasks that involve the oven or hobs.


Meet the WOOP team: Juliette

Juliette: Customer Champion


Juliette from WOOP


If you see someone piling a big planter filled to the brim with soil and sprouts into the back of a hatchback, there’s a pretty high chance that just might be our very own Juliette. A globe-trotting environment lover, French-born, Kiwi-suited Juliette loves growing her own produce so much that not having a yard hasn’t stopped her from creating her very own vege patch on her deck. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Juliette” »

Meet the WOOP team: Zoe

Zoe: Kitchen Captain


Zoe from WOOP


Sure, as a kid Zoe might have been a fussy eater, but once her Mum told her (as an 8 year old) to just cook for herself, she discovered pretty much straight away that food was her thing. Scouring cookbooks and standing on a stool to reach the oven, mini Zoe was already a foodie at heart. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Zoe” »

Meet the WOOP team: Thomas

Thomas: Taste Provocateur


Thomas from WOOP


WOOP’s founding father is a bit of a global citizen – wherever you’re off to in the world, Thomas could probably give you some good hints (and some good places to eat!). A bit of an adventurer, he’s the one you’ll find out kite surfing in Raglan during the windiest day of the year, surfing in basically any storm, or trying to push his car out of the sand on a remote beach once it’s gotten stuck (not that it happens THAT often…). Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Thomas” »

Meet the WOOP team: Andrew

Andrew: Discoverer of family favourites


Andrew from WOOP


You’d be hard pressed to come across someone like Andrew in your day-to-day life. Lovable Kiwi bloke mixed with a left-of-field creative genius, he’s the type who refuses to pick up food for a weekend away in the Coromandel at the supermarket (much to his wife and kids’ frustration!). Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Andrew” »

Meet the WOOP team: Kristen

Kristen: Agitator of Taste and Flavour


Kristen from WOOP 


Kristen might be a pocket-sized redhead herself, but she’s a fan of big gutsy reds (wine, that is!) and even gutsier flavours – something she might have picked up from her time travelling through Spain, France, and Italy, or while being the only non-Indian to teach classes at the Indian Cooking Academy in London. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Kristen” »

10 Ways To Make Your Avocado Toast More Exciting


We are told to avoid avocado on toast if we ever want to buy a house, however, if you do wish to indulge, here are our 10 novel ways to enjoy the delicious and versatile taste of avocado toast.

1. The Original

This is your starting point: mash a ripe avocado with salt and pepper using a fork.


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3 drinks to keep you warm and healthy this winter


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Molly Woppy: A Cookie Crusade

We are excited to have teamed up with Molly Woppy and would love to share more about their amazing story.

Molly Woppy is a small artisan company, baking the most delicious handmade cookies with amazing flavour, and quality. They are a family owned business, passionate about their baking. Using classic recipes with fresh, modern flavours, to create cookies to crave and treats to treasure.

From their humble beginnings where Alistair Parker, a passionate chef, and partner Halley Molloy started baking biscotti at home to meet the market, to now, where they have a growing business employing over 20 staff. There’s a tale of passion, determination and a touch of quirkiness, which comes through in everything that Molly Woppy bakes.


Claim to fame

Kiwi’s have come to know and love their range of quality sweet and savoury products.

Over the years the Molly Woppy team have continued to create and tinker with recipes and ideas that they know people will love, and ensure that all their products are made with love.

Coming up with New Zealand’s best-tasting gingerbread recipe and turning it out into a number of different ranges is their pride and joy. Their gingerman is now proudly the Molly Woppy brand icon – adored by countless kiwis for his gingerlicious goodness. He has the perfect blend of sugar and spice, creating a gingerlicious crisp gingerbread that is packaged in a really fun way.


Commitment to quality

While the company grows and the product range expands, their commitment to quality always remains. All of their products are made by sourcing the finest ingredients available and are produced in small batches to ensure consistent high quality. Products are filled with real ingredients, just like you would use at home. Crammed with chunks of choc, moist chewy fruits and fresh roasted nuts. The flavours are completely natural and real. Pure goodness.

Above all, they are committed to you experiencing love at first bite, with every single bite of a Molly Woppy product.


Get social…

Molly Woppy are on Facebook and Instagram, and often run cookie giveaways. So get connected, and share your #mollywoppymoment with them.

Facebook – www.facebook.com/mollywoppyltd
Instagram – www.instagram.com/mollywoppynz

Special WOOP Offer

As a WOOPer, when you order over $30 on www.mollywoppy.co.nz/shop-online – simply enter WOOP CHEESY in the comments section in your cart, and expect a free box of Crunchy N’ Cheesy bites with your order!