Our salmon supplier and quinoa grower

We love working with local suppliers to ensure the best quality produce for our WOOP boxes. Read below to find out more about where our salmon and quinoa come from!


Our Freshwater King Salmon are raised in the swift, cold currents of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. In this remote alpine environment, nature takes the lead. This means minimal human intervention – giving our salmon space to grow and thrive.

Our salmon are naturally healthy and are sustainably farmed without the use of nasty chemicals ; all key ingredients in creating delicious tasting salmon.

Fast flows and highly oxygenated glacial water create Nature’s Finest Tasting Salmon.

OUR QUINOA SUPPLIER – New Zealand Quinoa Co.

From paddock to plate, the New Zealand Quinoa Co. is a family business out to make a difference. Grown in the shadows of Mt Taranaki, their highly nutritious quinoa is both sustainably grown and spray free – and by being locally grown, has lower food miles and environmental impact than imported quinoa. Another great reason to support local businesses!