Must-try Christmas Cocktails

Grab your best cocktail glasses and whip up these cocktails to impress friends and family over the festive season!

christmas cocktails

Tarte tatin 

– 45ml of Absolut Vanilla (or pure Vodka)
– 15ml of caramel syrup or liquor
Top with apple juice and pear juice

Shake with ice, and serve with a slice of apple to put on the glass and sprinkle with cinnamon


Strawberries & Cream

– 45ml of vodka
– 15ml of lime juice
– 2 bar spoon of chestnut cream (1 little teaspoon)
– 2 fresh strawberries (roughly crushed)
Shake and serve with fresh strawberry


Christmas Mocktail

– 1/3 pineapple juice
– 1/3 orange juice
– 1/3 cranberry juice
– drizzle with grenadine

(Add water if you don’t want it to be too sugary)