Meet the WOOP team: Kristen

Kristen: Agitator of Taste and Flavour


Kristen from WOOP 


Kristen might be a pocket-sized redhead herself, but she’s a fan of big gutsy reds (wine, that is!) and even gutsier flavours – something she might have picked up from her time travelling through Spain, France, and Italy, or while being the only non-Indian to teach classes at the Indian Cooking Academy in London. It was during all this time overseas that she learned how to make well-balanced healthy meals that still packed a punch of flavour, much like she does for our WOOP Foodie Boxes now!


If you’re ever around Kristen, don’t open a bottle of Pinot Gris unless you’re ready for her to go rushing off to the kitchen to cook a food match. Our hostess with the mostess, she’s known for serving insanely lavish spreads and throwing the most delicious dinner parties for her friends. And even a sparsely-packed refrigerator isn’t a deterrent to creating awesome food – you might open a fridge and think it’s empty, but Kristen will open the same fridge and see a five course meal (we still haven’t figured out how she does it).



WOOP Team 1

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