Meet the WOOP team: Juliette

Juliette: Customer Champion


Juliette from WOOP


If you see someone piling a big planter filled to the brim with soil and sprouts into the back of a hatchback, there’s a pretty high chance that just might be our very own Juliette. A globe-trotting environment lover, French-born, Kiwi-suited Juliette loves growing her own produce so much that not having a yard hasn’t stopped her from creating her very own vege patch on her deck. Planting seasonal produce in empty WOOP boxes, her urban vege patch is the first thing that gets moved when she does.


Juliette’s done her fair share of moving – from the French Alps to the NZ Alps and everywhere from Mexico to London and in between. Juliette’s travelled the world in search of great food and even better hikes. You’d be hard pressed to find a NZ hike she hasn’t done – and as Queen of amazing camp dinners, she doesn’t exactly find it hard to find buddies to come along. We like to think of Juliette as putting the friendly into environmentally friendly, both in terms of her care for customers and the passion she’s got for looking after this awesome world we live in.



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