Meet the WOOP team: Andrew

Andrew: Discoverer of family favourites


Andrew from WOOP


You’d be hard pressed to come across someone like Andrew in your day-to-day life. Lovable Kiwi bloke mixed with a left-of-field creative genius, he’s the type who refuses to pick up food for a weekend away in the Coromandel at the supermarket (much to his wife and kids’ frustration!). Instead, he’ll stop along the way at everywhere from one of those little carts on the side of the road selling the local produce, to his mate’s farm where he’ll jump the fence to grab some fruit straight off the trees. Then of course he’s off fly-fishing as soon as possible – after all, the fish for the family’s meal has to come from somewhere (and there’s not much he loves more than spending days out on the water).


Somewhat of a modern day hunter-gatherer, Andrew’s all about the idea of nose-to-tail cooking – using every part of the animal from (you guessed it) nose to tail. Unfortunately, that has meant we’ve had to draw the line occasionally – just be grateful you haven’t seen pig’s head on the WOOP menu! You see, Andrew’s the guy who creates those WOOP Classic meals that your family enjoys so much. And with his pretty diverse experience taking him from a coffee shop in Dunedin to designing first class meals for Air NZ and beyond, you know he’ll bring some delicious creations to your table – even if we have to hold him back once in awhile!



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