Downlights: The Story

We are excited to have teamed up with Downlights and would love to share more about their amazing story.

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Meet the WOOP team: Juliette

Juliette: Customer Champion


Juliette from WOOP


If you see someone piling a big planter filled to the brim with soil and sprouts into the back of a hatchback, there’s a pretty high chance that just might be our very own Juliette. A globe-trotting environment lover, French-born, Kiwi-suited Juliette loves growing her own produce so much that not having a yard hasn’t stopped her from creating her very own vege patch on her deck. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Juliette” »

Meet the WOOP team: Zoe

Zoe: Kitchen Captain


Zoe from WOOP


Sure, as a kid Zoe might have been a fussy eater, but once her Mum told her (as an 8 year old) to just cook for herself, she discovered pretty much straight away that food was her thing. Scouring cookbooks and standing on a stool to reach the oven, mini Zoe was already a foodie at heart. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Zoe” »

Meet the WOOP team: Thomas

Thomas: Taste Provocateur


Thomas from WOOP


WOOP’s founding father is a bit of a global citizen – wherever you’re off to in the world, Thomas could probably give you some good hints (and some good places to eat!). A bit of an adventurer, he’s the one you’ll find out kite surfing in Raglan during the windiest day of the year, surfing in basically any storm, or trying to push his car out of the sand on a remote beach once it’s gotten stuck (not that it happens THAT often…). Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Thomas” »

Meet the WOOP team: Andrew

Andrew: Discoverer of family favourites


Andrew from WOOP


You’d be hard pressed to come across someone like Andrew in your day-to-day life. Lovable Kiwi bloke mixed with a left-of-field creative genius, he’s the type who refuses to pick up food for a weekend away in the Coromandel at the supermarket (much to his wife and kids’ frustration!). Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Andrew” »

Meet the WOOP team: Kristen

Kristen: Agitator of Taste and Flavour


Kristen from WOOP 


Kristen might be a pocket-sized redhead herself, but she’s a fan of big gutsy reds (wine, that is!) and even gutsier flavours – something she might have picked up from her time travelling through Spain, France, and Italy, or while being the only non-Indian to teach classes at the Indian Cooking Academy in London. Continue reading “Meet the WOOP team: Kristen” »