How To Perfectly Cook Pasta

Yes, everyone knows how to cook pasta, boil water, add a little salt and even oil, but did you know there’s a little more to cooking the perfect pasta? We share our tips below…

1. Use a large pot

This gives pasta space to move so it won’t cook in a tight ball and also helps to avoid the pot boiling over.

2. Use lots of water

This is so the pasta has space to move and can be fully submerged.

3. Salt the water

Salt with at least a teaspoon of salt as this gives the pasta a flavour boost.

4. Bring the water to a full boil

– Not just a simmer!

5. Stir the pot

Stir the pot at least 2-3 times while cooking to keep the pasta from clumping.

6. Test the pasta

Test the pasta 2 minutes before the packaging suggests and continue cooking to your liking

7. Save a cup of pasta water

– It’s great to bind sauces together of break down thicker sauces

8. Drain your pasta

Drain by sitting the strainer on top of the pot and tipping into the sink, add your sauce, pasta water, toss and serve!