How to cook perfect poached eggs

Eggs are amazing. Inexpensive, tasty and full of protein, eggs are rich is selenium, vitamin D, and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Plus, the options to prepare them are endless: fried, scrambled or our favourite, poached. Below we explore 5 ways to poach the perfect egg, to rival even your local brunch spot!

1. Water temperature

Your pot should be at a temperature of 80c. How to gauge this? Look for tiny champagne-like bubbles and then your water is ready.

2. Add something acidic

Add something acidic to your boiling water, such as vinegar or lemon juice. This causes the egg to hold itself together, instead of dispersing into the water.

3. Cracking the egg

Crack your egg and close to the waters surface as possible to avoid it breaking up. You can use a short glass to slide it slowly into the water, or even pour it in using your hands!

4. Test the yolk

Gently begin to raise the egg out of the water, jiggling it slightly. You want the yolk to be slightly jiggling, but not too runny that the whites aren’t set. Please don’t overcook the yolk!


5. Spoon it out

Using a slotted spoon (so there is no water left undneath the egg) carefully spoon out your egg.

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Voila! The perfect poached eggs!