Introducing WOOP Guest Chef Ollie Simon of Simon & Lee

We sat down with Ollie Simon of Simon and Lee to ask him a few questions about his cooking style and upcoming dish in our WOOP Foodie box.


Tell us a little bit about yourself?
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Introducing Guest Foodie Simone Anderson

Having struggled with her weight for many years, Simone made a decision to change for good. In 2014, using social media purely to keep her accountable, she posted her first photo. Simone shared everything candidly and as her weight decreased her followers increased. With her massive 92kg weight loss her fan base across Facebook and Instagram exceeded 500,000.

Simone is a big Foodie and enjoys eating out, as well as cooking healthy, well balanced meals at home. She also enjoys WOOP as part of a healthy, balanced diet. We are excited to feature one of her recipes on the WOOP Foodie menu. Simone has created Lebanese lamb flatbreads with pumpkin, feta, baby spinach and harissa drizzle which will be delivered in WOOP Foodie boxes on 10th June.


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WOOP Guest Chef Q&A Brian Campbell

Guest Chef Brian Campbell of Miann has created a limited edition dessert box for ten lucky WOOPers to win each week in May. The dessert, Miann’s ultimate salted caramel chocolate sphere, will come with everything you need to create the delicious dessert.

We sat down with Brian over his amazing creation to find out more about life as a dessert chef.

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Introducing Guest Chef Jeff Shute

Our next Guest Chef is Jeff Shute, Head Chef at popular Ponsonby restaurant Jervois Steakhouse. Renowned for its premium meats, Jeff has created us a refined steak dish with a delicious mushroom butter in traditional JSH style.

Jeff has created caramelised shallot & mushroom butter steaks with rosemary and garlic potatoes on green beans, delivered to Foodies on the 1st April.

We talked to Jeff about the future of cooking and what he does to unwind. Scroll down to find out more about his dish…

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Introducing Guest Chef Fraser Shenton

We introduce Fraser Shenton, the latest chef to join our WOOP Chef Series and talented Head Chef at Fish restaurant at The Hilton Hotel. Fraser has created a delicious gurnard curry with Mumbai potatoes and Tiffin pickled courgette, delivered to Foodies on 25th March.

We chatted to Fraser over his delicious dish to find out about his cooking mantra and favourite cuisine(s)!


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Introducing Guest Chef Jamie Johnston

Jamie Johnston is one half of Chinese pop-up eatery Judge Bao. Jamie is “Sauce Boss” and along with his partner, they are known for creating contemporary Chinese dishes using fresh, local ingredients and are especially famous for their hand-rolled Chinese steam buns. You may have sampled Judge Bao’s menu at their mobile food stall at markets and events or at one of their many innovative pop-ups.

Jamie has created us a delicious oven baked sweet and sour chicken on jasmine rice for the last dish of our Guest Chef series, delivered to Foodies on the 10th December.

We chatted to Jamie over his delicious dish to find out more about his unique cooking style.


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Introducing Guest Chef Sergio Maglione

Sergio Maglione is an Italian chef and restaurateur of popular Farina and the creator of our delicious zucca e salsiccia pappardelle in this week’s WOOP box.

Sergio has a simple ethos of fresh and simple cuisine, letting seasonal produce do the talking in his dishes – which are so popular in fact that he is a repeat winner of Taste of Auckland’s best dish. We sat down with Sergio to talk all things food.

Sergio Maglione WOOP Guest Chef
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Introducing Guest Chef Sebastian Hindrichs

Seb Hindrichs WOOP Guest ChefIntroducing Guest Chef Sebastian Hindrichs

Sebastian Hindrichs, our second Guest Chef, has a seriously impressive resume. He is the current Executive Chef at Sofitel Auckland’s Lava Dining and brings his own European influence (Sebastian was born in Germany) with a New Zealand spin to the hotel’s kitchen.

Previously Sebastian was the head chef at French Café, one of the Auckland’s top restaurants. He finished a three year apprenticeship in Cologne, then working in Michelin star restaurant Lärchenhof before heading to Switzerland.

We sat down with Sebastian to chat all things food.

What is the future of cooking? 

People are starting to cook more and more for themselves. We need to be more aware of our produce. Try to use more locally, seasonal grown and ethically raised produce and it will benefit our wellbeing. 

Do you have a food philosophy? 

Don’t be afraid of progress but always be yourself. Be curious about new trends, flavours, ingredients and techniques. It is important to keep food interesting for yourself and others. 

What’s the most important thing about cooking? 

Don’t make it too complicated. Use fresh and seasonal ingredients and try something new from time to time. 

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Introducing Guest Chef Mark Southon

0M7A0275This week marks the return of our Guest Chef Series, where a prominent New Zealand chef creates a delicious dish every fortnight to feature in WOOP Foodie Boxes. We kick off the series by introducing Mark Southon, executive chef of O’Connell St Bistro.

Mark Southon is a renowned New Zealand chef and television personality. He is the current resident chef for The Cafe on TV Three and over the past few months has even created WOOP dishes with us, live on air! He is also the executive chef at O’Connell St Bistro, and has several decades of cooking experience, working in several Michelin star establishments. Coincidentally he has even trained our Foodie Recipe Creator Kristen, during their time working together at The French Cafe.

One of Mark’s delicious recipes, lamb tagine meatballs with baked egg, feta and wilted spinach will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 5th of October as part of the latest WOOP Guest Chef Series. We sat down with Mark to ask him a few questions.

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Introducing Jess Granada: Guest Foodie Series

Introducing Guest Foodie Jess Granada


JessJess opened Nanam Eatery with her partner Andrew in March 2015. They started their venture at a 4 meter by 4 meter space at the night markets of Auckland selling “Taco Pao” (taco siopao) with pork cooked in humba sauce and chilli chicken filling. This stall was their humble beginning towards exploring Filipino cuisine, and since then they have been serving both quality interpretations of classic Filipino dishes and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of its cuisine.

One of Jess’ delicious recipes will be featuring on the WOOP Foodie menu on the 20th of August as part of the WOOP Guest Foodie Series. We sat down with Jess to chat all things food.



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