Fresh from the market

At WOOP, we are proud to say that we only source our products from local trusted suppliers who share the same belief as us – providing you with the best quality ingredients each week.

We believe in seasonality and our recipes are designed to incorporate sourcing the right ingredients at the right time. We support our New Zealand growers by using the freshest local produce and choose top quality free-range sustainable ingredients where possible.

We would like to introduce you to one of our local growers who provide us with the best lettuce, broccoli, bok choy and silverbeet.


The Fresh Grower have been dedicated to providing kiwis with the freshest produce since 1948. It was started by Grandfather Fong and has since been taken over by his two sons Allan and Colin.

Going from just 12 hectares to 300 in Pukekohe, The Fresh Grower grows a wide range of lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, onion, cauliflower and Asian vegetables.

We love that they’re an environmentally conscious family business whose number one goal is to provide us with the highest quality produce and their key focus is on best practice from development to production.

The Fresh Grower has pro-actively adopted the Integrated Pest and Disease Management (IPM) programme to enable production of crops with nil or minimal pesticide residues.

alan and colin

On this week’s menu, we have a Shanghainese pork dish with a chilli garlic green stir-fry using bok choy from The Fresh Grower. As we love bok choy so much here at WOOP we want to give you a little bit of background on where it originated.

Bok choy is native to China, originally confined to the Yangtze River Delta, where it has been cultivated for thousands of years. Its name comes from the Chinese name for “soup spoon” because of the shape of its leaves. Bok choy found its way through the trade routes to Korea in the 14th century during and has become a key ingredient in Kimchi. Although bok choy will be first and foremost associated with Chinese cuisine, as the result of the massive Chinese diaspora of the 19th century, it is now inherently embedded in cuisines worldwide.

Here at WOOP we love using bok choy because it has been ranked as one of the most nutrient dense vegetables available with its large amounts of Vitamin A and C. In China, bok choy is usually fried with garlic and ginger so we hope you enjoy our spin on this classic dish!