The Top 10 Things to Keep In Your Fridge

pantry staples

Hungry and looking to whip up a dish at a minutes notice? Make sure to have these 10 staples in your fridge, which will facilitate taking your dishes from zero to hero!


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3 Christmas Desserts That Will Wow Your Guests


It’s nearly that time of year where we gather with friends and family to celebrate Christmas, and the end of the year. Yet what gathering would be complete without a family feast, and delicious desserts to end the night.

We’ve compiled the 3 tastiest novelty Christmas desserts for you to easily recreate at home – with maximum wow factor!

Strawberry Santas

Simple, yet healthy(ish) these cute Santa can be enjoyed by all ages.

Cut out the stalk, place the large end down, chop the strawberry in half horizontally, pipe the middle with cream and add two chocolate dots (these are the eyes!). Then add a small dot of cream on the strawberries point, and there you have it – edible Santas!


A kiwi classic, this easy to prepare dessert is sure to wow your guests, especially if served in glass, where each layer is visible. Prepare custard and jelly (semi-set) and allow to cool. Layer sponge into the bottom of the glass. Then pour a small amount of sherry onto the sponge. Place a layer of fruit on top then pour jelly on top so it surrounds the fruit. Allow to set in the fridge. Finally pour over custard, then repeat the above steps. Our suggestion? Ditch the fruit this year in favour of baileys, strawberries, chocolate mousse, whipped cream and chocolate shavings – inspo below!


Christmas Pavlova

Christmas Pavlova is a real kiwi tradition – and luckily it’s simple to make. For the meringue simply whip together 4 egg whites and 1.25 cups of sugar, pour into a round shape and bake in the oven at 150 degrees for 1 hour. Add your own toppings such as lemon curd, strawberries or chocolate!

Stuck for time this Christmas? Why not order the WOOP Christmas box – guess what – we even make the Pavlova and its toppings, so Christmas dinner is made in 3 hours, not 3 days!

How to cook perfect poached eggs

Eggs are amazing. Inexpensive, tasty and full of protein, eggs are rich is selenium, vitamin D, and minerals such as zinc, iron and copper. Plus, the options to prepare them are endless: fried, scrambled or our favourite, poached. Below we explore 5 ways to poach the perfect egg, to rival even your local brunch spot!

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Foods that are ‘gold’ for your body

We’re inspired by all things gold this April with our Golden Box, where one lucky WOOPer will win a foodie experience each week.

On the theme of gold, and of course, food, we present 5 of the healthiest foods that are ‘gold’ for your body!

1. Apples

Not only are apples delicious and abundant, but they’re also good for you! They are an excellent source of antioxidants which clear the body of free radicals and may even help you live longer. Recent studies also suggest that an apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but it helps to reduce cholesterol!


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Street Food Series: Puha & Pakeha

We’ve rounded up the 3 best street food chefs in Auckland for our Street Food Series!

After collaborations with Judge Bao and Coreano we’re sending WOOP Foodies Puha & Pakeha horopito piri piri chicken salad. Keep reading to find out more about their inspired Maori kai.

Sound delicious? Order here for delivery on the 26th of March.

Street Food Series: Coreano

We’ve rounded up the 3 best street food chefs in Auckland for our Street Food Series!

After the success of our first collaboration with Judge Bao we’re sending WOOP Foodies Coreano sesame soy beef tacos with tomato and coriander salsa. This recipe was created by guest chef Steven Ko of Coreano, who serves Korean flavours in a Mexican style.

Sound delicious? Order here for delivery on the 12th of March.

coreano-tacos-012 2
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One-pot meal ideas for busy households

With the kids back to school and most of us back at work, we’ve collated the best one-pot meal ideas for busy households and everyone looking for easy dinners ideas!


Pork Classic


One Pot Chicken Enchilada Rice Casserole

This recipe using pantry staples like rice, canned tomatoes and cheese to create an easy, Mexican inspired dinner.
Check out the recipe here

One Pan Mediterranean Chicken Casserole

Healthy and quick to make, the dish is packed with Mediterranean flavours and will be on the table in no time.

Check out the recipe here

Thai Chicken Curry

This Thai dish is a yellow curry that uses vegetables you’ll already have in the fridge, for a dinner with little clean up!

Check out the recipe here

WOOP Plans

Finally, if you’re short on time and love easy, delicious food, WOOP are here to help with the back-to-school rush.

Check out our Classic Boxes for families with 2-3 children, available for either 3 or 4 nights.


Pork Classic
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Back-to-school Lunchbox Ideas

With the kids back at school it’s time to start planning some delicious lunches that keep them happy and healthy!

Without further ado here are some tips & tricks to get you inspired for the new school year.




Get the balance right

Lunch boxes should have a good mix of proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables and a small sweet treat or snack.

Make sure to balance a starchy sandwich with some fruit or sliced vegetables and some extra protein such as a boiled egg. Use your lunch box as a guide with the smaller segments used for snacks and treats, and larger sections for proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Make the sweet treats healthy

The kids will be begging for a sweet treet, but why not make it both delicious and healthy. For example @whatsbabyeating makes her own strawberry straps with just strawberry, lemon juice and honey. The kids won’t know any better! Check out the recipe below.


Make the lunch box visually appealing

Buy a funky lunch box, make sure food is vibrant and bright and cut sandwiches and fruit into fun shapes: get kids excited about lunch!


Sneak fruit and vegetables into everything

There are tons of sweet recipes which incorporate vegetables: zucchini or beetroot brownies and carrot or banana cake to name a few.


Get inspiration

There’s a ton of inspiration in the form of Instagram, blogs and Facebook groups so get googling!

Christmas Table Inspiration by Verve

It’s that time of year again – Christmas!

We were inspired by an amazing article by Verve, Auckland’s Free Lifestyle Magazine and would love to share with your their gorgeous table settings.



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Foodie travel spotlight: Queenstown – Win $1,000 Travel Credit


Win $1,000 of travel credit with WOOP thanks to STA Travel.

Every WOOP box ordered in November counts as one entry in the draw to win an amazing $1,000 of travel credit to spend on a travel destination of your choice (T&Cs apply).

This week we bring you our inspiration from scenic Queenstown, one of New Zealand’s most picturesque travel destinations. Check out our previous destination – Melbourne!

Winner announced on the 30th of November.

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