Downlights: The Story

We are excited to have teamed up with Downlights and would love to share more about their amazing story.

Can you tell me more about you?
My name is Emma Sykes, I’m 22 and I have Down’s Syndrome. Since leaving school last year I have found it very difficult to find work. My Dad, Tony Sykes, was self-employed for many years and he suggested we start our own company. I love candles and this is my story. We started to do some trial runs making fragrant soy candles, and soon realised we needed some advice. Lots of it!

How did you start your business?
Fortunately for us, we were introduced to Jennifer from Illumina. We met her to gain some insights into the world of candle making, and thanks to her generous and supportive help, together we have created a whole new company – DOWNLIGHTS. I am now involved with the manufacturing, packaging, sale and distribution of beautiful scented soy candles, co-produced with Illumina in New Zealand. We are making top quality soy candles, and they absolutely wonderful.


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