3 tips to get your children in the kitchen

Cooking should start young. Not only does this teach cooking skills for life, but it encourages creativity and can hopefully broaden the types of food kids will eat – not to mention parents get a break from the cooking! Below we explore 3 simple ways to spread the cooking and share the love of food!


Start with small tasks

Start your child off with a small task, this could be whisking a cookie mixture, washing up or even licking the spoon. Small steps will be easily accomplished, leading to success and encouraging the child to continue to help in the future. Then, gradually increase the complexity, variety and number of tasks as they gain confidence, and age!


Set aside a day each week where they are in charge of cooking

Let the child take charge of cooking. Let them pick a recipe each week and assign which family member does what. Make sure to always be at hand and oversee the process, helping them out with complex tasks and new cooking methods. Remember, you set the example and they will be learning all they know from you.


Use a service

For busy parents, using a service such as WOOP can help the children get involved with minimal help from parents. All the recipe instructions are provided, all the ingredients are colour coded and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare. Always be nearby to provide support and help smaller children with tasks that involve the oven or hobs.