Back-to-school Lunchbox Ideas

With the kids back at school it’s time to start planning some delicious lunches that keep them happy and healthy!

Without further ado here are some tips & tricks to get you inspired for the new school year.




Get the balance right

Lunch boxes should have a good mix of proteins, carbs, fruits and vegetables and a small sweet treat or snack.

Make sure to balance a starchy sandwich with some fruit or sliced vegetables and some extra protein such as a boiled egg. Use your lunch box as a guide with the smaller segments used for snacks and treats, and larger sections for proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Make the sweet treats healthy

The kids will be begging for a sweet treet, but why not make it both delicious and healthy. For example @whatsbabyeating makes her own strawberry straps with just strawberry, lemon juice and honey. The kids won’t know any better! Check out the recipe below.


Make the lunch box visually appealing

Buy a funky lunch box, make sure food is vibrant and bright and cut sandwiches and fruit into fun shapes: get kids excited about lunch!


Sneak fruit and vegetables into everything

There are tons of sweet recipes which incorporate vegetables: zucchini or beetroot brownies and carrot or banana cake to name a few.


Get inspiration

There’s a ton of inspiration in the form of Instagram, blogs and Facebook groups so get googling!