Why I Switched to WOOP | Customer Reviews

Rich red wine beef ragu with fresh pappardelle, cherry tomatoes and wilted spinach.

We believe that delicious homemade dinners should take time. Just not yours! WOOP is the FoodBox for the busy kiwi that loves to eat well. Don’t take our word for it, read what our customers have said.

Save Time and Relax

At WOOP we believe in eating well every day, no matter how busy you are. So for some of us, we need a bit of an extra hand in the kitchen. That’s where we come in.

“I really enjoyed how quick it is to cook the meals. As a busy woman that works full time I appreciate the little time it takes to prepare all the meals”

Carla (Foodie Box, 4 People, 4 Nights)

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WOOP’s Cafe de Paris Steak with Polenta Chips Recipe

Many of our WOOPers have been asking for some of our favourite recipes so they can re-create them at home. We will share with you some of WOOPs most popular recipes. We promise you though, they will take you quite a bit more than 15 minutes!



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Are you running the Auckland Marathon? Eat right leading up to your big event

It’s really important when training for a big event, such as the Auckland Marathon you’re aware of the type of fuel you’re putting into your body. We all know the food we eat impacts the way our body functions so consuming a consistent diet of good quality food is really important to improve efficiency and recovery.

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Good Taste is Everything with WOOP and Food Snob

This week our chefs have been working hard to bring together some of their tastiest WOOP dinners yet. We’ve teamed up with Food Snob to bring you some of the best halloumi in the country for our halloumi and pancetta salad that’s in the Foodie Box this week.

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5 food novels you should be reading in 2016


If you spend all of your time thinking about food and you also like to read, these food novels belong in your weekend getaway bag! Perfect to read huddled up beside the fire in this cool winter weather. Continue reading “5 food novels you should be reading in 2016” »

6 tips to boost productivity



It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by e-mails, long nights at the office or getting distracted by co-workers.

The secret to working more productively isn’t about working more or less, but learning how to work smarter. We’ve put together 6 tips for you to get more out of your day:

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Treat yourself with Be Nourished



This week our WOOPers received something a little special in their boxes. We have teamed up with Be Nourished this week to give our customers the best local kimchi for their Korean Bibimbap salmon bowls.

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6 snacks that stop stress


When we’re stressed at work, for many of us the response is to reach for something sweet  and unhealthy – and there are well-documented reasons as to why we do this:

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Fresh from the market

At WOOP, we are proud to say that we only source our products from local trusted suppliers who share the same belief as us – providing you with the best quality ingredients each week.

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Thai Week Playlist: Cooking just got a whole lot more fun

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 4.44.36 PM

Here at WOOP we want to make sure you have a truly authentic cooking experience. We’ve lined up some of our favourite Thai tunes for you to listen to while you’re preparing your Thai week menu. Transport yourself to that pristine beach, bustling Bangkok back street or romantic candle lit dinner.

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