6 tips to boost productivity



It’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed by e-mails, long nights at the office or getting distracted by co-workers.

The secret to working more productively isn’t about working more or less, but learning how to work smarter. We’ve put together 6 tips for you to get more out of your day:



Everyone envisions they will crush it at their job so make a clear effort to pinpoint on your success and focus on leading the pack. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Focus on yourself, your work, your personal goals and make sure you know you are doing your very best.



Look forward and break down any annual goals you and your company may have into daily activities. This will see you achieving them much more effectively and understanding any roadblocks in your way. Allocating time will see you focusing 100% of your energy to complete it.



We can’t begin to stress how important it is to limit digital distractions during the workday. We recommend checking your inbox only three times a day. This is tough but it will allow you to concentrate on whatever tasks you have at hand. It’s easier to be productive on your projects when you’re not getting distracted by your e-mails. Remember instagram and Facebook will still be there at the end of the day.


Get enough sleep

Make sure every night you’re getting minimum 7 hours of sleep! Turn off the TV, put your devices on flight mode and let your brain clear and sleep well. To have an energy-full day make this a priority and set yourself a bedtime. We recommend turning off all devices 30 minutes before you get into bed.


Plan, organise and do

Plan each day the night before and put the tasks into your calendar. This allocates your time and what you can achieve in the time required. It sees you being as realistic as possible.

Get yourself focussed and remove all distractions. We find ticking off tasks for that day a great sense of satisfaction.


You time

Whatever that may be. From meditating, going for a run or listening to the newest TEDx podcast. Make sure you allow time to be creative and inspired as this will drive you to succeed and do better at what you already do well and think outside the box.