5 top Thai must do’s this Winter

Are you planning a holiday this Winter? Do you see yourself lying on one of the pristine beaches Thailand has to offer? Or what about strolling through the bustling back streets of Bangkok snacking on chicken satay?

Ko Phi Phi Le Beach-2

As we’ll be taking you on a culinary journey through Thailand next week (22 May) we thought we would share with you our 5 top Thai must-do’s when you plan your trip.

1 Explore the Soi 38 Night Hawker Food Market in Bangkok and dine by the roadside. Like many food streets you can grab a table anywhere along Soi 38 and order from a selection of stalls. Try every authentic Thai favourite from Pad Thai to Mango Sticky Rice.

Soi39 Night food hawker

2 Be sure to stop off at some of the best beaches in the world on the west coast of Thailand. You can dive and snorkel until your heart’s content. WOOP’s favourites are Krabi, Phi Phi Island and the neighbouring beaches at Koh Lanta for a more laid-back, untouched atmosphere.



3 Head North to the Capital City of Thailand, Chiang Mai to absorb Thai culture at it’s finest and visit over 300 ancient temples. WOOPer William went to a cooking class where they take you to the local market to buy the fresh produce to cook. Perhaps this is where he picked up his My Kitchen Rules skills!

chiang mai


4  Thailand’s markets are exciting, lively and a major part of the local culture. You must experience the flurry and sensations of the Damnoen Saduak floating markets that are only about an hour and half from Bangkok. Although, it is a large tourist attraction you will see an extremely functional market with a lot of fresh delicacies, souvenirs, clothes and fresh produce on sale.

Floating market vendors, Bangkok, Thailand Floating markets are a common tradition throughout Southeast Asia where the numerous rivers and waterways are a primary means of transportation and commerce between villages. In this overhead view, Bangkok vendors draw their boats together to exchange a colorful, tasty array of goods, Thailand.


5 Visit UNESCO World Heritage Site and the country’s oldest national park, Khao Yai National Park. It’s a nice break from busy and noisy Bangkok. Khao Yai is home to many plant and animal species but the main attraction of the park is their Asian elephants, white-handed gibbons and the giant hornbill.


Add these to the top of your Thailand must do’s and hopefully our Thai week will inspire you to get there soon!

If you’ve been to Thailand recently, send us an e-mail at [email protected] with your favourite things to do and eat. We’ll feature them on social and in a new project coming soon!