4 Crazy Christmas Foods from around the world

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In New Zealand we play it relatively safe when it comes to our Christmas foods. We may have glazed ham, lamb or turkey with a few side salads and pavlova for dessert. But have you heard of these 4 crazy Christmas foods?

Japan – KFC

Thanks to a successful advertising campaign back in 1974, a majority of Japanese people eat KFC for their Christmas meal. When a group of Americans couldn’t find a turkey for Christmas they opted for fried chicken instead. They saw this as a commercial opportunity and today the Christmas meal boasts champagne and cake!

Welcome to Christmas in Japan. This is actually a big deal. #kfcchristmas

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Ireland – Mince pies and Guinness

Instead of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, Irish families leave Santa mince pies and Guinness. Perhaps they figure this is a little more to his liking?


South Africa – Fried worms

A traditional Christmas feast in South Africa involves frying moth caterpillars as a tasty snack. This is an important protein for the meal – just as we would eat ham, lamb or turkey.

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Norway – Roasted lamb head

While New Zealanders may be familiar with eating lamb for dinner, what about lamb’s head? Salted, dried, smoked, boiled or steamed and with the brains still inside, this dish is served with a variety of breads. It is considered a delicacy and often sought out by tourists.


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