The WOOP way...


Picture, if you will, a busy couple with no time to cook the food they love. Both foodies, both big fans of eating locally sourced, healthy food, they were struggling to cook the food they loved in the time they had. Thomas would venture to the local markets, talking to local suppliers and selecting the freshest, most nutritious produce he could find. Returning to the kitchen, Thomas would chop, dice, and measure as fast as he possibly could, preparing the food for Jennifer to step up to the plate and transform these beautiful ingredients into a meal for the family. The problem? Even working together as a team, each beautiful meal would take far more time than they truly had available in the day.


And with that, the idea for WOOP was born. A way to give people the opportunity to cook and eat delicious food every night. A way to take away the thinking, prep time, and stress from weeknight dinners. A way to enjoy slow food, fast. Now, WOOP spreads the love among individuals, couples, and families all over New Zealand – doing the hard yards and food prep in advance (a thing the French like to call mise en place) so that you can whip up a delicious meal in half the time it would usually take. As word about WOOP grows, so too does our community of foodies. We might be cooking for more than just Thomas and Jennifer’s family now, but one thing hasn’t changed – our passion for making delicious food easy and convenient. That’s the WOOP way.


Thomas, Taste Provocateur


WOOP’s French founding father might be a speedy action man when he hits the water, but he sure likes his food slow. Discover what makes Thomas tick.


Kristen, Agitator of Taste and Flavour


A pocket-sized redhead who can pack a punch flavour-wise and turn just about anything into a feast, the woman behind our WOOP Foodie boxes is Kristen – meet this hostess with the mostess!


Andrew, Discoverer of family favourites


Lovable Kiwi bloke mixed with a left-of-field creative genius; a modern day hunter-gatherer; family man; master fly fisher. A man of many talents with a passion for nose to tail cooking – meet Andrew, the man behind our WOOP Classic recipes.


Zoe, Kitchen Captain


The woman behind those “Handmade by Zoe” labels is just at home in the kitchen as she is leading a soccer team, and learnt her kitchen secrets all over the world before bringing them back to the WOOP kitchen.

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